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Cheryl's History




Cheryl’s abilities to receive channeled messages have evolved over a period of time, allowing her to access the higher spiritual levels.

The manifestation of these abilities allows her to act as a mediator between the celestial realms and the earthly realm of gross matter.

 The follow are brief excerpts of messages received, in connection with her unique abilities and development:


“In accordance with the law, the records show that you are of an ancient time summoning the deities of eons past, concerning yourself with nature’s predisposition, alerting the delicate council to the mysteries of the universe, assuring the many. Your roots are in the temple in the Orkhon Village. Necessity makes you surrender and all is well. Your tribal knowledge has been passed down many generations.

 You signify the touch of the galaxy and speak in words of foundational wisdom. You have come full circle to a time of great opportunity and collectively you will signal the universe of change. Harmony is the great residual.

 You may expel the truth through direct contact with the universal force. Your sense of self has distinguished the reality from that which is not. The greatness you endow will make light for others to see and accomplish.

 Your path is one of resurrection pertaining to the soul, and thou will clearly acknowledge such a path in the face of heaven.

 Carry forth the message of the Hebrew that maintaining spirit is the gold.

Thou must seek adherence to the law and continue your role as heavenly access to dimensions, in order to complete your worldly task.

Commensurate with my state, O holy oracle.”



“Oh transmuted child, you have emerged to give that which is sacred.

 “You are now one of the seers of the universe – go forth and do your work.”

“Comfort thee with the knowledge that you are one of mine.”

“Beholden to the sacred heart of saints, come forth and spend time with the autonomy of words. Those who receive them shall be grateful. Harken to the words. Commensurate with spirit, for it has given you this task.”



“My child, your wisdom is dumbfounding. You calculate which energy centre the sternum is and from which wisdom flows.

 Project your mind to a higher place where all is wisdom.
Characterize this by speaking to the wisdom itself.
You can simplify this by seeing the energy of the stars in abundance.
(Then) Realign your thoughts with the Almighty, the sacred source of all there is.
Now turn to the left (east), your passion, your creation lies there.
Witness all that God has brought forth and render yourself to it. In this way His passion is your passion.
Never neglect the universal source contained within all things.
This is the wisdom of the universe from which you draw. Acknowledge that your answers come from within that place. All memory is stored there. Recalling it is infinite wisdom putting it through. Release your thoughts to It.
Once again surmise that we are here to help you. We bring forth the wisdom of the universe to your logical plane. We are a higher aspect, closer to the source. You may ask the wisdom and it will answer.



“Grant the wisdom to honour thy brothers and thy sisters, thy mother and thy father, thy close loved ones. Surrender to the Almighty goodness. Lay claim to your stake in His terrain and convey our messages to others. You will receive most messages from a high source that will continue to work with you. The high energies you have connected with tonight will continue to serve you. They will form a bond, through you, with others.”



You will connect with the Creator as it works through you in mighty ways. You shall confine yourself to a new beginning, and your redeeming qualities shall be noticed. We will be here to guide you, to further your mind and help with your abilities.



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Cheryl, a Medical Intuitive and Medical Qigong Practitioner, has studied with Qigong Master Robert Youngs at the International Institute of Medical Qigong Canada (see links page). 

This training further enhanced her innate abilities of inner vision and spiritual connections. She uses Qigong healing techniques during her work with clients.

She has instructed courses in meditation, facilitated courses on the Enneagram, offering insight and guidance to numerous participants and personal clients.











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Disclaimer: These intuitive sessions are in no way intended to replace the advice of your physician.  The services provided by Cheryl Youngs are intuitive evaluations based on interpretation of energy in the human body.  If you are seeking a medical diagnosis or treatment you should see a doctor.