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 Pickering, Ontario

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Meditation Group Sessions With Channeled Spiritual Guidance


Receive channeled spiritual guidance for yourself or your group.

Cherylís unique ability allows her to  channel a higher spiritual being (beings) who speaks through her directly to the group, giving them words and lessons to further their spiritual growth - members of the group are often instructed in visualizations and meditation methods to enhance their spiritual work and guide the group in the efforts of spiritual transformation. The benefits of these channelled sessions will provide great insight and thought, not only for the group, but also for individuals with whom the group may share their experiences.


To experience this for yourself, you may join our group or

discuss having her visit your group by calling 905-509-3796.


No time in your schedule or canít get out?


You may also be included by sending Cheryl your name to be placed in the centre of our meditation circle.  The channeling will be directed to the names placed in the circle.


She will then send you an e-mail with the exact words channeled, so that you may keep and refer to them as often as you wish.


To enter your name in the centre of the circle:


  • Call or send an e-mail to

  • We will e-mail you a Paypal invoice in the amount of $50 for the

       month (includes 1 each week for 4 weeks).

  • Upon receiving your payment, your name will be included for

       special meditation channelling beginning the first Tuesday of    

       the month.

  • These higher words will be e-mailed to you the following day.


Disclaimer: These intuitive sessions are in no way intended to replace the advice of your physician.† The services provided by Cheryl Youngs are intuitive evaluations based on interpretation of energy in the human body.† If you are seeking a medical diagnosis or treatment you should see a doctor.