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Receive answers from a higher source on:



● Spiritual growth


● Your purpose in this life


● Past lives


● Medical conditions


● Important issues




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A Channeled Reading is $130 Canadian.


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Excerpts from previous channeled readings




Answers to questions on past life:

. . . . . .  you were a child in (name of location). Whole sacrifices were given in His name. You were pre-ordained for sacrifice – a little girl. You were determined to be a soldier of God, however, brutality struck your town and escape was necessary. Discovering yourself in the hills, you were determined to work with the Lord. Continuous struggles in your town caused many to escape, and as you grew you seemingly proceeded to help others. There was a disturbing factor in that you were jealous and conceded to turn it inward. This may appear to be simplified but it caused disturbances within you until you died. You must overcome this. You are pre-determined in this lifetime to overcome this. . . . . .

. . . . . . . you and your present mother were sisters in a past life. She created a garden for you and your wish was to be buried there. And so it came to pass . . .

. . . . . .  her father was a judge in the town where they lived. With unyielding power he cracked down on the forces to be reckoned with. A slaughter at the courthouse sent your sister (in that life) to life imprisonment. Seldom has there been such uproar about this case. You stood back and watched in silence. . . . .



A channeled message:

 . . . . . . . God is looking through your eyes – He wants to see what you create – please Him. . . . .

 . . . . . . . .discovery of self image is a man made thing. Go beyond that which is accepted as humanity. Consider yourself one with the electrical vibrations of the universe. Centre yourself in eternity . . . . .

 . . . . . . . .Things are created and dissolved, and created and dissolved a thousand fold in each moment.

The frequency of coming and going represents the molecules at play, returning again and again to stay in the earth’s pull, this represents the physical body and all other earthly things. The frequency is changed within the fuel of the mind. All comes, all goes.
Accept your mind as the creator of beauty. Focus on the beauty of the universe. Within this beauty is where God lies. . . . .

 . . . . . .Say out loud what you feel about the heavenly aspect (e.g. love, abundance, joy, freedom, wisdom, comfort, purity, divine power etc. – many amazing and wonderful things) – why then should you put your mind elsewhere? Return to the love of God which embodies you and you are made of. Receive your gifts from the heavenly aspect and know that that is the true reality – forgive those who do not know, they shall come about it in their own time.
We are here to help you, we will continue to do so.



Answer to question of life purpose:

. . . . . .Your purpose in this lifetime is to recognize good and evil. Good – that which is sacrificed for others; Evil – that which clouds the mind and spirit. Once you have determined that these two are like the sun rising and setting, like the sea rising and falling, then you will determine that all things are in movement and no one is unworthy – just in a state of flux. Contemplate this until you see it clearly. This commensurates the beginning of a new cycle for you. You will come to an understanding of all things being equal and joy will come. I must state that your progress has been substantial and it has been recorded. . . . .


Disclaimer: These intuitive sessions are in no way intended to replace the advice of your physician.  The services provided by Cheryl Youngs are intuitive evaluations based on interpretation of energy in the human body.  If you are seeking a medical diagnosis or treatment you should see a doctor.