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 Pickering, Ontario

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Attract a Harmonious Relationship



Finding someone to connect with on a deeper level, through online dating or on your own, can be difficult.

A way was revealed to Cheryl to help you attract that special connection in your life. This is an alternative for those serious about finding love.


Clients will be guided through a ceremonial session to fulfill their desired relationship.

A sacred gift will be given to them to fulfill their desires.

Harmonious relationship session fee $130 Canadian.


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Clinic Address is: 


193 Nature Haven Crescent

Pickering, Ontario, Canada

L1X 0A5



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Disclaimer: These intuitive sessions are in no way intended to replace the advice of your physician.  The services provided by Cheryl Youngs are intuitive evaluations based on interpretation of energy in the human body.  If you are seeking a medical diagnosis or treatment you should see a doctor.